Customers & references

Some of the speakers from the Danish TWI Conference 2016

IdealCombi A/S

"We contacted Business Through People for the first time in the summer of 2014, when we had just established our first acquaintance with TWI and began to consider whether it was something for our business. Through our dialogue, it became clear that Business Through People has a deep insight into TWI, is very passionate and has an infectious enthusiasm that is inspiring.

Business Through People is aware that it is a major process of change that has been initiated and they are good at communicating. It has been crucial for a good process and given us a solid platform for the expansion of TWI throughout the company.

Business Through People has a good network in which they are good at including its customers. We have had great benefit from being able to look for knowledge and experience in the network both in the phase of the pilot project and now that TWI has become part of our daily operations."

Jesper Sørensen - Lean Manager, IdealCombi

Novo Nordisk A/S

"Working with Business Through People on the implementation of Job Instructions at our global sites has been key to succeeding not only to get our employees highly qualified, but to ensure maximum business benefits and to kick start a new working culture in our production environment.

Business Through People's approach to training is highly methodical and standardized, ensuring that our people will think and operate after the highest quality standards when working with Job Instructions. We have also highly appreciated Business Through People's close support and cooperation in between trainings, their engagement, flexibility and time generosity."

Cristina De La Fuente - Senior Project Manager at Novo Nordisk A/S


"We've managed to get a really good start to our implementation process of TWI - your recommendations have been followed 100%. We can see the results of being patient, accurate and highly communicative throughout the implementation period, which has given us a good basis and understanding of the TWI JI process.

In our 250-man package center, we have trained our workers in several jobs. One of our results is that we now use our mail container 10% better, giving us an annual saving of 8 million DKK of our logistics."

Per Albrektsen - Lean Manager, PostNord, Copenhagen's package center

Gram Commercial A/S

"It is our objective to eliminate scrap and improve first time through. In order to get there, we were seeking for a structured way of training and developing our employees and providing a consistent knowledge base and background knowledge to get the job done correctly. Business Through People enabled us, by using a proven and systematic method for standardized training as well as guidance and advice along the journey."

Mathias Ruess, Lean Sigma Specialist Gram Commercial A/S

FOSS Analytical A/S

"We have known John Vellema since 2013 as he has trained production staff including the management team in TWI Job Relations and Job Instruction. John is extremely clear in his communication and has a deep understanding of how to engage and motivate leaders. Feedback from the course participants has been really good, and after the course, there is always a healthy atmosphere, because there are high expectations of both staff and management as a shared responsibility."

Theis Bober, Plant Manager, FOSS Analytical A/S

BTP Customers


- Vestas (Denmark)

- Vestas (Germany)

- Vestas (China)

- Vestas (USA)

- GRAM (Denmark)

- FOSS Analytic (Denmark)

- Siemens Wind (Denmark)

- IdealCombi (Denmark)

- Kopenhagen Fur (Denmark)

- Amcor (Denmark)

- Koncernvask (Denmark)

- MidtVask (Denmark)


- Landspitali (Iceland)


 - Bromma Airport (Sweden)


- Fortiza (Switzerland)

- EasyFood (Denmark)


- Novo Nordisk (Denmark) 

- Novo Nordisk (France)

- Novo Nordisk (Brazil)

- Fertin Pharma (Denmark)


 - Per Aarsleff (Denmark)


 - Danske Bank (Denmark)


- PostNord (Denmark)


 - Odense Municipality (Denmark)


Halmstad Energi & Miljö Nät (Sweden)

- Orkuveita Reykjavikur (Iceland)