At Business Through People ApS (BTP) we enable your full potential. 

Our Vision: Enable Your Full Potential 

Our Mission:  Is to help you create sustainable business - through people. 

Our Approach:  With an honest, caring and direct approach we accomplish our mission through mastery, always keeping people in the centre.  

We  expect leaders to take ownership for  driving change and creating effective leadership systems.  

We enable this through our T3 Enabling Process. This is a learning process, providing essential capabilities and skills for you to: 

  • Develop long term direction for the organization 
  • Support and drive continuous improvement with a scientific mindset 
  • Create and maintain process stability  

Learn more about our T3 Enabling Process here.  

Below you can read more about our team, our history & values and our partners.

Our Team

Meet the Enablers at BTP | Business Through People

Here you can read more about the individuals in our team, who are ready to help you and your company to enable your full potential.

Our History & Values

Read about our history and values ​​that create good relations and sustainable results for our customers.

Our Partners

Read about our collaboration with strong partners. Among other things, it is through a common access to networks and relations that we, over time, have achieved a large and stable network.