About BTP 

At BTP, we focus on what's happening between people and what makes you the best version of yourself - in the team and as a leader.

We create results for the organization by working with its people. Hence our name: Business Through People - BTP for short. 

At BTP, we are mix of people with different strengths, weaknesses and ambitions. That is a foundation for a strong future and something we embrace! We are constantly and relentlessly working on our abilities since we believe that if we stop learning, we start to stagnate. Expanding our own knowledge threshold is sometimes hard and difficult, but in the end, it is what gets us out of bed in the morning!  

At BT,P we are all strongly driven by purpose and values. That is what makes us unique!  So the values above were not too difficult to put down on paper, because they are fundamental beliefs that we have lived by throughout our careers.


We believe there must always be room for people's different needs, desires, and dreams. With this, ownership and sustainable success will follow.


We take pride in mastery; therefore, we will never stop learning. With curiosity and energy, 
we embrace and develop new
ways of thinking.


We know success comes from having the courage to always challenge ourselves, our team and our clients. With high ethics and with our client's best interest in mind, we dare to say no.


We strive to build sustainable development by enabling people around us to grow and succeed through servant leadership. Via coaching, listening to understand and commitment, we support people to take on new responsibilities.

Where we come from! 

John Vellema started BTP back in 2012 with the strong desire to “touch a lot of people” with the TWI programs. His belief is, that this will create true change in people’s lives for the better.  

So when John met Joakim Bjurström back in 2014, they both recognized they were driven by the same purpose. Joakim’s history was a bit different, coming from a more Lean-oriented background and with a strong connection to Toyota Kata 

The match was perfect, but it took all the way until 2019 before John and Joakim merged their companies, creating the foundation for what BTP is now becoming! The idea for both John and Joakim was to build something that will outlive themselves. To do that they needed to get more people involved in the company. 

In 2020, Fredrik Fjellstedt and Torben Kjær-Christensen joined as Senior Enablers and Linda Caldron came in as back-office support. This was a breakthrough in our history, creating the confidence and ability to expand the company even further! 

You can read the solid backgrounds of all our Enablers here  

Our Team

Here you can read more about the individuals in our team. We are all here to help you and your company enable your full potential.

Costumers & references

Read statements from some of our customers. You are welcome to contact us to get in touch with our customers - and hear from them directly about their experiences with us and our way of working.

Our Friends and Partners

Read about our collaboration with strong partners. Among other things, it is through a common access to networks and relations that we, over time, have achieved a large and stable network.