Bortom LEAN - 12 Steg för Verksamhet i Världsklass (Beyond LEAN - 12 Steps for World-Class Operation)

Written by Joakim Bjurström
Published by Roos & Tegnér, 2016
Language: Swedish
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This book describes LEAN as a concept. LEAN has a great potential and contains many interesting and productive elements. In the book, author Joakim Bjurström describes how LEAN is used incorrectly in many contexts today. LEAN becomes a counterproductive concept and a term applied to different contexts where it does not always belong. The book and the title are a reflection of what LEAN actually is and should be. The book is meant to give readers the conceptual device with concepts and principles based on quality and productivity that LEAN should really be.   

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"Lean as a concept is watered down and does not give the desired results. For businesses wishing to move faster than their competitors, it is necessary to go wider, farther and deeper."

Joakim Bjurström