Peter Kanerva

Senior Consultant

  • Educated as a psychologist in Turku
  • Educated business coach and process consultant under the auspices of the Institute for Leadership
  • Educated to support others on their Lean journey by JMAC Scandinavia and in Japan
  • Teaches in Finnish, Swedish and English

Peter is an Associate Senior Consultant in Finland and has been a part of Business Through People since the beginning of 2019. Peter is a very competent Lean coach, with a special passion in supporting organizations in the transformation of the organizational culture that the Lean journey entails.

Peter's basic education as a psychologist gives him an opportunity to contribute with complementary perspectives on the perhaps otherwise process engineering approach a Lean journey can express. His background and down-to-earth understanding of the shop floor gives the customer a good support in why and how it is important to shape Lean trip to a series of insight-inducing workshops and practical improvement projects. He does not let you forget that the goal is that every person should be able to carry out their value-creating work as smoothly as possible, but that the goal is also that every employee has the prerequisites to improve and develop their jobs and the process.

Peter is the founder and engine of the JTO Lean Learning Center in Finland. The company started as a joint venture between JMAC and JTO (Japan Management Association Consulting and the Institute for Leadership). JMAC undertook to coach and train us in Finland into their mindset and training pattern. On these grounds, we invest in long-term work together with our customers, slowly and safely. Now ten years later, Peter's insight has deepened about what a Lean transformation means from the perspective of the organizational culture.

Peter charges his batteries best when he can work with his hands. Building and creating new is important. "A summer without any construction project cannot really be called a good summer". Each work phase is also an opportunity to learn new, by the method, of how to organize it or how to construct it. Peter does not avoid new challenges in his spare time. If he needs something, the first question is "can I fix it myself” This has meant the following; to learn to knit, sew, log carving, forge, weld, chop stone, mount etc. But most of all, it has taught him to appreciate the practical skills and the people he meets in the value streams.