John Vellema

John Vellema

Partner and Senior consultant 

  • Educated coach with engineering degree from SDU
  • Author of SHINGO Award-winning book "The Global Learning Organization"
  • Teaches TWI and organizational psychology and offers Dynco Coaching
  • Teaches in the following languages: Danish, German and English

John has started and owns Business Through People as well as TWI Institute Scandinavia & Switzerland. He is a TWI Master Trainer, trained at the official TWI Institute in the US by TWI experts. John teaches TWI 10-hour courses and TWI 40-hour courses and offers coaching services and teaching in organizational psychology.

John's teaching method is about learning through mutual interaction. His way of teaching is very calm and appreciative, both in groups and in individual sessions. He focuses on honest, kind and direct communication in the relationship between himself as a teacher and those who are taught.  

John started his career as a tool maker. This has given him a special insight into the processes that take place on the production floor and which cannot be taught in a classroom. Later, John served in the Danish defense as a Sergeant stationed in Kosovo. After that, John took an engineering degree at the University of Southern Denmark in Manufacturing and Management. John has worked for the LEGO Group for many years and has accumulated a lot of experience from his time at the HR department, where he worked on implementing the Global Job Training Organization. John has also been a coach of the Danish rowing association, where he trained talented young rowers supported by Team Denmark.

John lives in a terrace house in Kolding. He loves to cook good healthy food and devotes himself to a lot of physical and mental training.

Favorite quote:

To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily.
Not to dare is to lose oneself.

Søren Kierkegaard

John develop and anchored our Global Job Training Organization within our Manufacturing sites. This is now one of the reasons, that we at LEGO can expand with the speed we do.

Stephen Burke - Vice President HR and Continuous Improvement, the LEGO Group