Heidi Bo

Heidi Bo, CEO and senior consultant in  BTP

CEO and Senior Consultant

  • Educated Engineer within Global Management and Manufacturing
  • Responsible for the overall global leadership of the company
  • Certified in Intensive Dynamic Coaching
  • Trainer within Dynamic Coaching and Dynamic Leadership as well as individual coaching
  • Experience within project, program and line management at the LEGO group
  • Languages: Danish and English

In connection with a number of years of steady growth, Heidi is employed to lead the company globally and ensure the right foundation to continue to grow and ensure that everyone receives the same high product quality no matter where in the world you are.

Heidi has a very inspiring and energetic approach to teaching and uses himself and the participants a lot to create a good and understandable connection between theory and practice, in order not only to understand, but also to make the new substance usable and easy to relate to.

Heidi is educated and has made a career at the LEGO group. For the past 12 years Heidi had her daily work at LEGO, she has worked in many different business areas such as environmentally friendly product development, platform development, materials, IT, project management and for the last 5 years, staff management of various teams has been her primary task, latest leading a team in the engineering department with focus on planning, capacity, economy and performance.

Heidi lives in the countryside 10 km outside Billund together with her boyfriend and 2 children, in a frame that provides both the ability to relax and stay calm but also a place with plenty of opportunities to make ideas come alive. Time is spent on creative projects, caring for the farm animals and time with family and friends - where coziness and raspberry foam are high on the priority list.


Favorite quote:

Keep it simple

Heidi Bo