TWI Introduction and visit in Jyske Bank

Now you have the chance to get an insight into TWI (Training within Industry) and talk to Jyske Bank. Jyske Bank have with good results used TWI as the basis for their Lean journey. Come and get insights into the TWI methods and experiences from Jyske Bank.

Imagine a world where…

  • Your changes go faster as you have developed a culture where honest and solid trust has been created between employees and management.
  • Your new and current employees are trained and follow the latest standards.
  • Your processes are continually improved by optimally utilizing current materials, equipment, tools and resources.

 The three TWI programs train your leaders and employees to make this world a reality. At Jyske Bank they are well underway to realize this transformation.

On this TWI course you get, in addition to an understanding of the connection between TWI and Lean as well as TWI and HR, a general introduction to all TWI Programs. There will be a very thorough introduction to the actual TWI Job Instruction program, which for many is the first step in their TWI implementation.

You will also be introduced to how you can get started with TWI in a solid way. This will be based on many good TWI implementations from different industries and cultures.

Specific experiences with TWI at Jyske Bank are part of this course. In addition to John Vellema, TWI Master Trainer, SHINGO Book Award winner and owner of TWI Institut Scandinavia, there are also contributions from Pia Bettina Sund, Senior Efficiency Consultant, Jyske Bank.

A basic insight and knowledge is gained in TWI - where TWI can support Lean and HR, and in what ways and where. TWI Job Instructional training method can be used. You will now be qualified to plan the next step in your business: A good TWI implementation.

Agenda for the course

  • TWI story.
  • Introduction to TWI Programs.
  • TWI and Lean.
  • How to get started with TWI?
  • Why and how did Jyske Bank launch TWI?
  • Experience a "live" TWI Job Instructional Training at Jyske Bank.
  • Experience a "live" Process Confirmation at Jyske Bank.

Who caters to the course:

The course is aimed at both health, service and production companies that work with Lean and / or the learning organization.

The course is offered in the collaboration between and Business Through People ApS, which is the global partner with the TWI institute in the USA.

Practical information and registration

  • Date: May 14 at. 9 AM to 5.30 PM.
  • Location: Jyske Bank, Vestergade 8-16, 8600 Silkeborg
  • Language: Danish
  • Price: For members: Kr. 3,400 excel VAT.
  • For non-members: Kr. 4,000, - ex VAT.

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Want to know more about what TWI can mean for your company or maybe you are already thinking about implementing TWI, participation in this workshop can be recommended. You will get knowledge and inspiration for the implementation phases and how TWI works in practice. Last year I participated together with some colleagues in a similar workshop and the knowledge we got at that workshop has to a large extend been involved in the preparations for implementating TWI with us. A good preparation is alpha and omega for a good implementation of TWI. We have learned that the good preparation has been a strong contributor to the successful implementation of TWI in our production.

Karen Stenholt, TWI-facilitator, PostNord