TWI and LEAN afternoonevent (Vaasa, Finland)

TWI and LEAN afternoonevent (Finland)



Welcome to Finland's first TWI afternoon event. In an inspiring event you will get information and knowledge on how to create the best organization, where the best employees and the best managers create world-class results.

The key name is Training Within Industry. TWI is a highly effective coaching program that develops the ability of key personnel to educate employees, improve work processes, and create positive employee relationships.

TWI is a dynamic method of practical learning and continuous improvement that teaches key skills to supervisors and anyone who guides others' work. TWI is used globally in all industries and is a key method of coaching Toyota's supervisors.  Human Side of Lean.

Date: 2nd of April 2019
Time: 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM
PlaceRestaurant Silveria, Ruutikellarintie 4, 65100 Vaasa, Finland

Price: The event is free of charge, coffee service
Trainer: Joakim Bjurström, sertified TWI Institute trainer
Language: English/swedish

Registration: Kalervo Laaksoharju, e-mail:

Please register latest 27.3.19

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More knowledge about KATA?

Contact Joakim Bjurström for more information about our KATA program.

Toyota KATA expert

Joakim Bjurström has translated the Toyota KATA book into Swedish, in close collaboration with Mike Rother.

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