The Danish TWI and KATA Conference 2019 (At FOSS)

Participants at the TWI Conference 2016,  in AaU, Copenhagen
Participants at the TWI Conference 2016, in AaU, Copenhagen

About the Danish TWI and KATA conference on November 20th  

At the Danish TWI & KATA Conference, we focus on TWI and KATA as unique programs, but also in interaction - as more and more people see it as a significant strength in their lean work.

Several companies use the TWI and KATA programs in a combination, or aim to do so. In KATA, we learn to set goals and try to achieve these. In this process, obstacles will arise, which can be solved through one of the TWI Programs - eg:

  • If there is resistance to change, then TWI Job Relationships can be used.
  • Variance in the performance of the work. Here, TWI Job Instruction can be used.
  • If the process is difficult to carry out or take too long, the TWI Job Method can be used.
  • If the process is uncertain, then the use of TWI Job Safety can be good.

The conference will be held in collaboration with FOSS, who is also the speaker with a TWI company case. Participants can also experience TWI and KATA in practice, as there are 2 tracks this year. One track is primarily company cases and the other track is practical exercise in the various programs.

The conference is aimed at decision makers, middle managers, employees (Job Trainers) and internal consultants within Lean, TWI, KATA, HR and the company's financial managers.

We connect knowledge and reality by building bridges between our educational institutions and companies / organizations! Therefore, students are offered to attend the annual TWI and KATA conference at the favorable price. Maybe your prospective employer, internship or host company for your upcoming project is present and just waiting for you. It is also a unique offer for companies / organizations to enter into dialogue with potential candidates.

The chair of the conference is John Vellema, owner of Business Through People ApS, who is Global Partner with TWI Institute USA. For the past six years, John has worked with companies and organizations in more than 10 different countries. He is among others. trained Dynamic Coach, TWI Master Trainer and is SHINGO book prize winner for the book Building a Global Learning Organization; Using TWI to Succeed with Strategic Workforce Expansion in the LEGO Group.


This is the 7th conference organized by and Business Through People ApS.

Date: November 20, 2019

Time: 08:00 to 17:15

Location: FOSS in Hillerød

Language: Danish


Registration for the Danish TWI and KATA conference takes place here:

Possible TWI & KATA pre-workshop

This you we host a pre- TWI and KATA Simulation-workshop the 19th of November 2019. We had very positive feedback last year and it is beneficial for new participants / companies that are interested in TWI or KATA.

So join this global acknowledged simulation course and get a realistic, fun and playful illustration of the link between the TWI and KATA programs. The day will be filled with AHA-experiences and fun exercises.

Read more about the TWI and KATA pre-workshop in this - link

We are looking forward to see you and your collegues for this years TWI and KATA conference as well as in the pre-simulation-workshop.