Open 1-day TWI & KATA Simulation (at FOSS in Hillerød)

Joakim Bjurström teaches TWI & KATA

Join this one-day global and recognized simulation, illustrating in a realistic, fun, and playful way the interaction between the TWI and the KATA programs. The day is filled with AHA experiences and fun exercises. You are taught by Scandinavia's only KATA Master Trainer, who has graduated in the USA, has completed major KATA projects and has translated the Toyota KATA book in close collaboration with Mike Rother.

The goal of the day is that you learn and practice Improvement KATA, Coaching KATA and how they work with the TWI programs. You will be trained in the application and in how you can use the methods in your organization.  You can use the method to create a culture of improvement that consists of skills, common language and a short learning cycle. This still ensures good development in your Lean work. You will also get an insight into what it takes as a basis for organizing you into a possible KATA start-up.

Several companies add KATA coaching after working with some of the TWI programs for a period. This is making it easier to go from pilot projects to daily use in the areas. By using Coaching KATA you will set goals and try to achieve these. In this process, obstacles will arise which can be solved through the TWI programs - eg.

  • Variance in the performance of the work. Here, TWI Job Instruction can be used.
  • If the process is difficult to carry out or take too long, the TWI Job Method can be used.
  • If the process is uncertain, then the use of TWI Job Safety can be good
  • If there is resistance to change, then TWI Job Relationships can be used - to overcome the obstacle.

The day will consist of:

  • Theory and practice on improvement KATA, Coaching Kata and the integration with the TWI programs.
  • Participate in a practical and fun simulation of a production flow, with endless ways of experimenting, thereby practicing KATA Coaching.
  • Opportunity to experience being a learner and a coach in an organization.
  • To experience the connection between the company's vision and daily learning.

The course is held in collaboration between and Business Through People (TWI Institut Scandinavia)

Link to registration here

Practical information:

Date: November 19th 2019

Language: English

Time: 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Where: FOSS in Hillerød

Price: DKK 4,450, - excl. VAT and for members of the price Kr. 3,780, -ekskl. VAT (15% discount)