BTP Creates Results Through People

At BTP (Business Through People) we help companies to create measurable results. Results created by helping you motivate your employees and creating the best possible environment and skills for them, so they are motivated and always able to put in their best work in the most efficient way. To us this means that an employee is not just an employee but a whole human being. Our approach to our work with changes and the people in your organization is an increased focus on the feelings – anxiety and fear – that is taking place in and in between humans. This is an essential and fundamental view of which a dynamic and effective organization builds its management on. This fundament does not come by itself though. The close and result driving human relations in an organization demands attention and nurturing. We – at Business Through People consultancy – are specialists in helping companies build this fundament. Help, that your organization will receive a big yield from. It is popularly said that we help you create people that can and will perform.

We have a selection of tools that can help your organization put the bar for quality and effectiveness standards even higher. This is done by adding a lot of focus on creating and maintaining a learning organization, where regular peer training is replaced with practical knowledge sharing and systematic training. With this focus we remove variations and noise between countries, departments and the individual employees and leaders. Our approach is often called the human side of Lean or the missing link to Lean. Many of our clients have tried working with Lean but have experienced a rollercoaster ride and found that they were missing something. It is first when we realize that we harvest our results in our work with improvements when our employees are motivated and competent to execute new jobs – it is first here that we reap our achievements.

If you have any doubts about the effect of our work, then you should head over to our section “Customers & references”. This page will quickly eliminate your doubts. BTP is a consultancy with a long history and a strong set of values that we believe in because it always starts with you – our clients – and your position as actor of your process of change.

The tools that creates the best results for our clients are our TWI Institute certified TWI and KATA programs and business driven HR services such as Change Psychology in Practice, Dynamic Coaching (Dynco), Spot the Talent and Dynamic Musical Team Development. Common to these tools, that we make use of, is that we are highly specialized in using them. That means that we can assess which tools will bring your organization the highest possible value – and if the tools should be implemented through counseling, education and/or coaching. Our experience is clear: It is in the interaction between these well tested tools and a big focus on the individuals/team’s process in the process of change, that we make our work come to a higher level for your company. This is our core competence at BTP: To go from knowledge to skills and new behavior.

We put a great effort into publishing articles and books and prepare videos to share our knowledge and professional skills. You can find the outcome of this effort in our Knowledge Center, where you can also find our customer cases.

If you dare to take the lead in your company then contact us to find out how we can help you and your team to become the best version of yourselves. A version that gets better results than before. BTP provides consultancy for all types of companies and organizations – and we can also help yours!

At BTP we believe results are created through people. Henceforth our name: Business Through People.